How to post
  1. Visit our course blog, ANALYTICAL ENGINES, at
  2. Beginning in Week 3 of our course, I will post a new thread to host our discussion of the following week’s readings each Thursday evening. I will also post the first comment on the thread to help spark our conversation. You will have until Monday at 9pm to post your comment to the thread; after Monday at 9pm, the thread will be considered closed.
  3. Click the title of the post to make the comments thread visible.
  4. To post an original comment, use the grey “Leave a Reply” box below the post. Leave your name (or, if you prefer, your pen name) and an email address, and press “Post Comment” when you are ready to submit.
  5. To post a comment responding to the discussion prompt or to a peer’s comment, click the grey arrow at the bottom right of the comment you’re interested in to open the “Leave a Reply” box below it. Posting your comment here will embed your comment in the thread as a response.
  6. If you have an existing WordPress account, you’re welcome to use it to post on the blog; if you don’t have a WordPress account, you may give your name and your email address to register your comment. If you don’t want to use your real name to post, feel free to use another. If you use a pseudonym, though, please send me an email to confirm your identity.
Notes and tips

The first time you post on the blog, either with your WordPress account or with your email address, your comment will not post on the blog until I’ve approved it. Don’t panic if your comment doesn’t appear right away! Once you’ve been approved for your first comment, you will be able to post from that account or email address without requiring further moderation.

Please try to use the same account or email address to post all of your comments. This will make it easier for me to track your comments and to give you credit for posting.

Save a draft of your post – or, if you’re worried about losing your post before it’s published, compose it in Word before pasting it into the “Reply” box.